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Human Resources

ChatBot helps to decrease daily routine workload of HR teams by standardization of operation quality, increasing efficiency of orientation and transparency of pre-screening process.

ChatBot can be used in listed function;

- Pre-screening
- Orientation
- Operational

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Marketing / Sales

ChatBot supports e-commerce channels or field sales teams.

ChatBot enhances the sales potential of the company with artificial intelligence supported suggestion system for the field sales team.

ChatBot, which advises customers about the product, makes 10% contribution to customer satisfaction which increases sales by 40%.

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Customer Services

All major brands are active in social media for after-sales operations as much as for e-commerce.

Customers do not want to wait more than 10 seconds for a simple answer. However, the workload of customer services is intensive and operational costs are high.

Fast and high-quality service increases customer retention. The most effective way is ChatBot working 24/7.

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Business Intelligence

Increasing data empowers capabilities of business intelligence. If the data is used properly, it can work for the organization to increase sales, productivity and quality. 

Digital assistant based solutions provide smooth data flow from users. Insights can be taken from this data flow to understand processes and users.

Using collected data and machine learning algorithms, predictions about work processes can be made. Hence, digital assistant projects should be integrated with general business intelligence approach of a company.

During a ChatBot project, there should be a consistent data management plan, related key performance indicators and user-friendly chatbot analytic tool. 

Furthermore, data is not enough alone. So data should be converted to knowledge to create a valuable impact on company know-how. To do that, data collected by ChatBot should be used with other data sources for verification, cross-check and optimization purposes.

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Workflow Management

Nowadays, manufacturing companies are focusing on Lean Production and Industry 4.0 transformation. There are different technologies that are supporting product lifecycle management. An AI-powered digital assistant fills the gap between the machines, software and human relations.

Workflow optimization provides competitive advantage for companies. Data collection and management are critical steps for workflow optimization. Hence, a digital assistant with user-friendly interface makes easy to collect real-time data and satisfy coordination.

A digital assistant is the best way to connect personal experience to artificial intelligence. To do that, a digital assistant should be integrated with all systems such as ERP, Planning Tools, IoT and other third party solutions. 

Furthermore, digital assistant warns employees about the possible problems and send notification about critical issues. And digital assistant make employees' lives easier and increase productivity.

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We are using cutting edge technologies with scenario based ChatBot design approach.


Host Anywhere

ChatBot can be published to a local server or hosted on cloud.  Company specific ChatBot panel can be provided according to decision.


OmniChannel Experience

ChatBot can be used in Facebook Messenger, Skype for Business, Slack, Workplace, Whatsapp, Telegram, website or mobile app. Users get same experience in each platform.


ChatBot Design Support

We have solid know-how about ChatBot design. We help you in persona and scenario development.

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ChatBot Platform

Natural Language Processing is the brain of a ChatBot. A ChatBot can understand natural language with the help of this technology. We are using Facebook ( and Google (Dialogflow) as base NLP enginees. Top of this infrastructure we added subject tracking and unhandled question management system to increase success of our ChatBot.  
English and French is supported by our solution.

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The sucess of a ChatBot should be measured according to  Key Perfromance Indicators. To measure metrics of a ChatBot, we are working with ChatBase (Google) analytic tool.

ChatBase is the best analytic tool according to our benchmark.

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New questions, answers, workflows can be added using our ChatBot management platform. Furthermore, trainning and subject based tracking modules are very easy to use.

No coding skills needed for basic ChatBot development. 

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Mobirise gives you the freedom to develop as many websites as you like given the fact that it is a desktop app.

Publish your website to a local drive, FTP or host on Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Github Pages. Don't be a hostage to just one platform or service provider.

Just drop the blocks into the page, edit content inline and publish - no technical skills required.

What have we done?

BOT-IOT will be a competitive advantage



Our ChatBots received more than 1 million message. We analysed those messages to achieve continuous improvement.


Different Persona Design

We have designed different ChatBot personas for our customers. Persona of a ChatBot shows the character. 

How do we handle a
ChatBot project ?

ChatBot development isn't a standart process for us. So we should understant your targets and needs properly. 

According to pre-analyse, we present a technical and commercial offer for your project. In this offer, we state clear time table and project KPIs.

We work on persona of ChatBot with the help of your team and we present ChatBot persona and design report at the end of this process.
We make a plan to collect data which feeds ChatBot. 
Integration plan with 3rd party systems will be designed during this part of the project.

In this part, we develop ChatBot, make designated integrations and customize our ChatBot management panel according to your needs. At the of this part you will have your ChatBot and ChatBot management system.

We make user tests in coordination with your teams. Trainning of the ChatBot will be activated in this part of the project.

Using our ChatBot management platform, you can develop ChatBot knowledge base continuously.

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